Uncle Fred is Here

music/lyrics: Richard Popovic


This song is a composite of two people. The first is Steve Cunningham, who is a friend of my father-in-law's. He had a penchant for showing up in the evenings on his motorcycle, getting the kids riled up and not helping at all in the effort to get three kids off to bed. The second is my Uncle Steve, who had a big bushy red beard that all of the kids would dare each other to run up and pull. The name Fred comes from my good friend who is not sure how he feels about being included in this song.


Uncle Fred is Here


Hey, kids, look out the door

Do you see the dust, do you hear the roar

Golly, Molly, wht’s in store

When Uncle Fred is here


His Motorcycle’s parked outside

Do you think you’re old enough to ride

Daddy laughs, Mommy rolls her eyes

When Uncle Fred is here


Uncle Fred is here Uncle Fred is here

All the kids they clap and cheer

Steal his hat and pull his beard

Uncle Fred is here


He shows up every once in awhile

With a tan and a tune and a wink and a smile

Kids’ll gather tound for miles

When Uncle Fred is here


He’ll make a quarter disappear

Then pull it out of your left ear

It’s a wacky wild time of year

When Uncle Fred is here



Capo 5

VERSE: C/Am/G/C (4x)

CHORUS: F/C/G/C (2x)