The Solstice Song

music/lyrics: Richard Popovic


Written on the 2009 Winter Solstice, I heartily encourage any of you hard-working, under-appreciated teachers out there to use this as part of a science class lesson plan.


The Solstice Song


Today’s the shortest day of the year, oh how I wish you were here

Cause snow’s all around and school’s been shut down

And the fun’s been kicked into high gear

What makes this day so brief? The sun’s height is only 26.5 degrees

That’s pretty low it makes for a short show

The earth’s tilted away from the sun now you see?

It’s called winter solstice so let’s salute and toast it

The shortest day of the year


Today’s the longest day of the year oh how I wish you were here

With the perfect warm weather what could be better

Than life in the slowest of gears

What makes this day stick around? The sun don’t feel like going down

Hooray for the flowers the day lasts sixteen hours

Cause the earth’s tilted back towards the sun by now

It’s called summer solstice so let’s make the most of it

The longest day of the year


Let me make one thing quite clear: I’m singing about the Northern Hemisphere

Down in the south everything’s switched around

It all comes back to the tilt of the earth on its axis my dear

But it don’t matter to me I’ll go wherever you’ll be

The south or the north I will sally forth

Hot or cold weather let’s spend them together

The shortest and the longest days of the year




Verse:  D/G/D/D  G/G/D/D  G/G/D/D  A/A/A/A (2x)

Chorus: G/D  G-A-D