I sing songs all day and write about animals, food and nature, mostly. Sometimes all three.

I had planned to include some good friends of mine on this project, but then decided to challenge myself to play all of the instruments, which I did. 5 years later, I finished it. There is a lesson in there somewhere, but I am not quite sure what it is.

My wife Anne McBride added backing vocals on the song 'Huckleberry Party.'

My friend John Walsh mastered the tracks and cleaned up the whole thing a little bit in his studio.

Hannah Carpenter took my vague design ideas and brought them to reality by producing some wonderful graphics.

Other than that, I did the entire thing on some very low-budget equipment in a spare bedroom in my house. One nice Martin guitar, a ragtag cast of pawn shop guitars, a couple of free banjos, a cheap mandolin, a homemade box drum, a toy xylophone, a pair of spoons, a plastic kazoo, and some pots and pans from the kitchen played with a pair of chopsticks, took care of the instrumentation. Two microphones and a 16 track digital recorder captured all of this noise, and in the end it somehow all came together.